Our Designer Made Knitted Sweaters

You can always order our designed and handmade cloths at Ateljé Eliza Design. You can find measurements in our Size Guide and different colours and materials in Colour Samples. You order by emailing us at Ateljé Eliza Design at info@ateljeeliza.com or at the first page in the Store. You can also visit us or call us, you can find the details under Contact.
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Zoola is knitted in double mohair yarn. The model is lowcut and have wide sleeves.


385 € Designer Made
156 € Knit-It-Yourself Kit

Kitty is knitted in a yarn made of 50% schourwolle and 50% Poluacryl. The model is buttoned in the front using five big buttons made in coconut. Handwashed in 30 degrees.


385 € Designer Made
90 € Knit-It-Yourself Kit

Ollie is knitted in alpacka and is buttoned in the front with big buttons made in coconut. The model has long sleeves and pockets in the front.


275 Designer Made
Knit-It-Yourself Kit
Ulla is a cardigan knitted in a woolyarn. The model has three quaters sleeves and a lined pattern in its structure.


275 € Designer Made
 € Knit-It-Yourself Kit
Lime is a big sweater that can be used as a tunic. The model is knitted with thick needles in a soft mohair yarn.