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Ateljé Eliza Design sew our own designed clothes and accessories in suede and chamois leather. Because each piece of leather is different in form and shape and the fact that every piece of clothing is custom-made to fit the customer, each and every item is unique and one of a kind. In the studio we work mostly in suede from goat because it is durable and strong and can be washed in a washing machine with a soft detergent or gall soap.
Our natural materials are breathable, but do not let cold through - therefore the garments are suitable for both winter and summer use. The garments are also soft and comfortable to wear against the skin, it is thin and smooth and drapes beautifully from the wearers body.
All our leather is tanned and colored, and available in many different colors. The leather comes from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Spain and France. All the design and sewing is done in our studio in Sweden.
We also design knitted dresses, sweaters and accessories. As a customer you can order a ready knitted garment or – if you would prefer to knit yourself – yarns and patterns.
Our designs fit as evening dress or for casual use. Our idea and motto is to design clothes that fit in everywhere at any time – they are made to mix and match.Our designer Eliza gets her inspiration from everywhere around her, but mostly from the beautiful Swedish nature and the ocean. Our clothes usually have “raw edges” to accentuate this. It´s what makes our clothes so special and unique.
Apart from selling our designer clothes we also have courses in leather design and knitting.

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