Ateljé Eliza Design uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer and it contains information that will help the site to track visitor. Cookies doesn't damage your computer, it only consists of text and can't contain any virus. The files take virtually no space and there are two types of cookies:
The first saves a file permanently on your computer, this is for example used to measure how visitors move on the website. This is to offer visitors better service and improve the website. These text files can be deleted, and most browsers offer a function for this this. The information stored on your computer is a unique number, without any connection to personal information. This makes it completely anonymous.
The second type of cookie that's used is “Session-Cookies”. When you visit the website our web-server assigns a unique identifying-code to you. This prevents any mix-ups between you and other users. A “Session-Cookie” is never stored permanently on your computer. It disappears when you close your browser or after a specific time, for example after a day or a week.
This website requires you to have cookies enabled to work as intended.
Ateljé Eliza Design uses the following cookies:
gzip - Can be set to 1 or 0 and is used to optimize performance when reading a client's website.
visitor_uid - A unique value that the visitor is assigned to calculate visitor statistics.
hv_timestamp_created - Used with visitor_uid to calculate visitor statistics.
PHPSESSID - Is used by our server to validate the visitor's session. PHPSESSID is necessary to remember the products in the visitors shopping cart even though the user is browsing the pages.
lang - Saves which language version the visitor is on.
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