Ateljé Eliza Design have courses in leatherdesign and knitting.

Leather Design

Most of the curses in leatherdesign take place over a weekend. You can either bring your materials or buy it from us at a reduced price. A weekend course in leatherdesign costs 175 € and does not include the materials.

Knitting Nights

We also have knitting-nights where you can learn how to knit. Our knitting-nights takes place every wednesday night during the summer. We're either in Ateljé Eliza Design studio or out in the wonderful gardens. A knitting-night with us costs 7 € or 10 times for 65 €. Don't forget to sign up via facebook or email.

Scheduled Courses

Knitting nights on wednesdays for as long as there's an interest. Sign up via facebook, email or phone.
We post all our scheduled courses under Events.
Please let us know if you are interested in any of our courses by filling out the form below!

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