Care instructions

All of Ateljé Eliza Designs clothes can be washed in washing machines.
How-To: If you get a strain on any off your suede or leather clothes you should remove it immediately with cold water. Dapple the suede and rub the stain out by folding the suede and rub it gently. Work outwards from the middle to avoid a “water-ring” stain.
You can choose to wash the garment in a washing machine but this should not be done unnecessarily or too frequently. If you choose to wash your garment in the washing machine you should use a mild soap or gall soap, use a gentle-wash program and a low temperature, use a fabric softener for the final rinse and spin for a short amount of time.
In order to dry your garment, hang the garment on a hanger and shake lightly. Repeat shaking the garment lightly while the garment while it’s drying. The garment will regain its shape once you wear it again using your body heat.
Don’t iron the garments unless absolutely necessary. If the garment really need to be ironed, iron on the reverse side using a low temperature on the iron.
The designer Eliza is working in her studio